100 interpals penpal dating site online dating profile maker

Posted by / 27-Oct-2017 19:54

100  interpals penpal dating site

If you have an idea for a swap, you can host it yourself.

Cons: The environment can be very catty and judgmental.

Pros: It’s a little easier to develop relationships with the people you meet on this site.

At this point in my life, I just respond to the things I receive.

You are getting rated for everything you send, and you wouldn’t believe how many people will get mad at not receiving a “heart”, which means you went “above and beyond”.

And one non-perfect rating can jeopardize your chances for even being able to for future swaps.

I’ve always been interested in mail, but I didn’t really thrust myself into the snail mail community until 2008.

It has taken me years to build up the list of contacts I have, and I’m extremely grateful for the people who I’ve met through the wonders of the post.

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The people you receive from are different from who you send to.