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Gone are the days of awkwardly, painstakingly reading out your Wi Fi password to visitors when they want to connect to the internet.

Instead, you’ll finally be able to have your phone do that for you.

There, you can choose to “customise controls”, and pick which buttons you want as well as the order to display them in.

(Obviously this only applies to phones released since the 7, when Live Photos came out.) These might be the most important features of i OS 11. The phone has new settings to enable it to shut itself down when you’re driving, or when you think someone might be trying to get access to your phone.

It’s started by pressing the button in the control centre – so you’ll have to make sure it’s there, using the tips above – and then using your phone as normal.

Press it again to stop the recording, and it’ll be sent into your phone’s camera roll.

A number of current i Phone and i Pad owners won’t be able to use the next version of Apple’s mobile operating system.

The company announced i OS 11 at its latest developer conference, teasing its plans for the future of the i Phone.

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Now, when you take a screenshot (by pressing the home and power button), it will drop down into the corner of the screen – you can choose to draw on it to highlight things, share it with whoever you want, save it to your camera roll, or just delete it.

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