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This isn't to say we aren't tempted to give it a try at least once.

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The sex, violence and chimps with guns of the original have all been airbrushed out of this more child-friendly sequel - Grant Morrison was even approached to write the thing at one point - and warns of the dangers of exactly this kind of behaviour; Edward Furlong plays Michael, a horror movie, videogame-obsessed teenager who ends up trying out a new VR game. " Michael's sucked into a virtual realm that looks almost exactly like his own cosy suburban community - except here he's cast in the role of a gloved, knife-wielding serial killer.

"We dare you to experience the most frightening game on this planet," an advert for the game (called Brainscan) reads. Goaded by an unseen narrator into entering a house, killing the occupant and hacking off his foot, Michael emerges from the game horrified yet exhilarated.

If all this sounds very dark, that's because it was written by Andrew Kevin Walker, who also wrote .

Unfortunately, his screenplay was altered before shooting, with a hokey, sub-Freddie Krueger-style villain written into the film - actor T Ryder Smith admitted as much on his website.

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Then he notices that an uncannily similar murder occurred in his neighbourhood.

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