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Acm asian cam

The focus group discussion was designed to be 60–80 min long.

Each focus group consisted of four to six participants and was led by two English-speaking or Chinese-speaking trained facilitators who were psychosocial oncologists and medical social workers.

Most participants encountered memory loss, difficulty in decision making and speech problems after receiving chemotherapy.

Married participants expressed frustration as cognitive deterioration limited their conservative roles as homemakers.

This is a qualitative study that involved focus group discussions.

It was conducted at the National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS), the largest ambulatory cancer centre in Singapore.

This is configured to minimize the effects of priming [10] that could occur if the sessions were held on multiple days, as patients who participated in the earlier focus groups could have disseminated the discussion questions to other prospective participants who had yet to attend theirs.

Thus, there is a crucial need to evaluate the impact and psychosocial ramifications of cognitive changes in the words of Asian breast cancer patients.At the end of the session, participants completed a brief self-administered questionnaire on: (i) their demographics information, (ii) their perception of the top five contributing factors of their cognitive changes and (iii) how receptive were they, from a scale of 1 to 10 (‘1’ being the least receptive and ‘10’ being the most receptive), to receive chemotherapy if chemotherapy-associated neurocognitive toxicity was indeed scientifically proven.At the end of the session, participants were remunerated with a SGD (USD$ 25) of grocery vouchers and complementary gifts from sponsors.Despite knowing the potential neurocognitive effects, participants valued the benefits of chemotherapy.Identified coping strategies included playing mahjong for mind stimulation and management of psychosocial factors, such as practicing qi gong, to regulate their moods and to take complementary alternative medicines to reduce the severity of their fatigue.

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They proceeded from the most general to specific questions, thus minimizing the influence of probing by facilitators.

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