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Strike after agonizing strike, his body flops around like a fish out of water, in a feeble attempt to avoid the next blow. I will continue to beat him down until I feel he has learned his lesson.

He can cry, beg and plead, but I will not relent from my desire to inflict pain and suffering on this unworthy sould.

Finding a Slave chat room that has live video chat and is 100% free is impossible.

Furthering his torment, I exchange the belt in favor of a cane and strike him over and over again while he bellows in agony.

The thick, leather razor sharp strap strikes with a resounding thud, and rips his ass and back effortlessly.

Again and again I beat him mercilessly, until he is begging for the opportunity to serve me.

He will then simply 1Caccept 1D the pain, and with it, accept his place and purpose as my slave.

For this new slave, a severe beating with a thick leather strap will serve to put him in the proper mindset.

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