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Adult chat mom

A good, solid routine helps us get good night’s sleep and keep an orderly house.

But you believe in magic and blissful moments and you want to talk. But all that the moms in the pick up line at school wants to chat about is last night’s homework or what to dress the kids in for the weather.

Your church may offer a parent group, or find an indoor play space at a mall when the weather is bad.

There are the obvious places: parks, playgrounds, library story times, community centers and bookstores.

The feelings of loneliness in motherhood is real and it’s not anything to be ashamed about — you are just living and doing what you need to do. But, it might be that rigid “We have to be in bed by 8 p.m” that’s keeping you from connecting to others. When I became a mother, her kids were school-age and she was dealing with homework battles and friendship dramas.

What’s left is a mom — or a dad — left behind to carry the entire house and parenting load.

Rebecca* thought she had her mom friends all lined up.

After her son was born, she was planning to spend time with two friends who had young kids. I thought my baby would be safest at home, so that is where I stayed most of the time." By her son's first birthday, this Colorado Springs, CO, mom knew it was time to find a larger group of friends, but she wasn't sure where to start. New moms who don't have close friends on the same motherhood track, let alone the same block, find themselves craving a friend to share the ups and downs of motherhood.

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This doesn’t mean put your house up for sale, by the way.

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