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And thousands of Catholics like Dick and Perkovich are fueling the phenomenon.“It was inevitable,” says Mary Beth Bonacci, founder of Real Love Inc., a Denver-based Catholic singles ministry. ” But his electronic wink piqued her curiosity, so Perkovich winked back.It’s a practical—and preferable—alternative to the bar scene and workplace for busy, mobile professionals, many say.After spending a decade in seminary, Bart Smith, a 34-year-old pilot from San Antonio, Texas appreciated what the Internet offered him: a ticket into the dating realm.“I thought, ‘How else am I going to meet young ladies? I’m out in the country.’” Ryan Dick, 28, was eager to replace the bar scene with cyberspace.“There’s not a lot you can grasp spending 10 minutes yelling in a noisy bar.I was looking for alternatives, so I thought I’d give online dating a shot.” John Mc Millin, 60, a widower from Lompoc, California, was struggling to meet single, practicing Catholics in his age group and state.

“I would attach a greater stigma to meeting at a bar.” Some Catholics refuse to date online.

“As a purchasing agent, I’m used to going to the Internet to find all sorts of things, so I figured, ‘Well, why not a wife?

’” Men are less reluctant to date online, Tracy says; they constitute nearly 70 percent of online daters. ’ Women tend to be more analytical and cautious.” But once Jen Perkovich overcame her doubt, she immediately recognized the benefits of a cybersearch—comparing profiles and e-mails offered a rational approach to an irrational act: falling in love.

“I was having one of those panicky moments where I could visualize myself as still single, 50 years old, and only buying Christmas gifts for nieces and nephews,” she recalls.

“I must have sat for five minutes before hitting the ‘Enter’ button on the registration page, pondering if my act was desperation or if I was simply taking charge of my possibilities.” Others don’t blink about it.

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asks members whether they consider themselves conservative, moderate, or progressive.

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