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Alexandria dating egypt

Solar worship was one of Egypt's most ancient cults.

Rufinus, who was actually a Christian and showed no indulgence towards pagan cults, also tells us that: "There was yet another instance of this sort of trickery.

he became the new husband of Isis, replacing Osiris, while their son Harpocrates, took the place of Horus.

This annex housed some 700,000 papyrus scrolls, duplicates of those found in the main museum but for the benefit of the public rather than just for scholars.

Hence, the Emperor Hadrian built a new temple for Sarapis in Alexandria.

This is the temple that appears on the coins of Alexandria in the second century.

The natural property of the magnetic stone is said to be to attract iron and draw it to itself.

The statue of the Sun had been made by a craftsman of very fine iron to the following end: a stone with the property I have just mentioned of attracting iron had been fixed in the paneling of the ceiling, and when the statue was placed in exactly the right position beneath it, it drew the iron towards itself by virtue of its natural force, and it seemed to the people as if the statue had risen and now remained suspended in the air.

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And so that the deceit would not be given away by the statue falling down abruptly, the ministrants of deception would say, 'the Sun has risen to say farewell to Serapis and return to his own realm'".