Aunty chatting site in world

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Aunty chatting site in world

When I looked at her, the black figure had gone and I have not seen it since. We hear strange noises from behind the storage room door. As soon as he opened it he ran screaming “A ghost grabbed at me! I stared in complete horror at my best friend’s face. It was quite dark and for some reason i just looked out of the window and stared at the nearest tree, felt like someone was watching me.

But I guess I had always been afraid after that of what might be watching me or threatening to harm me at any given moment. He was smiling horribly, his eyebrows down like he was mad. I see something; I don’t know what, like a figure run down to the basement. All of a sudden I saw this long black leg stick out from the tree and disappear!!

By the third time I called out to her, her red eyes did not move and I was getting frantic, screaming out to my mom and hiding beneath my covers. – Submitted By Charlotte When i was ten me and my best mate use to sleepover at each others houses on the weekends. In her room she had a bunk bed facing the window and i was sleeping on the top.

Come to find out my mother was in the living room fast asleep and had woken up from my calls, running into my room. We were watching tv and from her window you can see a row of houses and a row of trees.

Two things had to happen once I decided to move to Louisville: I had to try bourbon and I had to try fried chicken. Once you walk past the pink door with images of sprinkles painted on it, the racks behind the glass window at the cashier have a spread of caramel apple doughnuts as well as beer-glazed doughnuts with mini chocolate chips and pretzels. I took my seat facing the wall that I’d like to believe is a homage to Kendrick Lamar.

The wait was 15 minutes, but I knew what I wanted as soon as I walked in—the KY Fried Buttermilk Chicken Doughnut. “We don’t have a liquor license,” the sweet cashier told me. In a scribbly pattern, the wall read “Doughnut Kill My Vibe.” The shop sits in the changing Butchertown neighborhood in Louisville.

I’m intrigued to see what was in the enormous, heavy vats that I’d carried to the refrigerator the night before, mysteriously capped with aluminum foil.

I know that was a demon…it was too dark and felt too evil… We all agree not to go down there again for the rest of the night. I told my mate and when she looked nothing was there.

– Submitted By Oinny This is what happened to me on a party when I was 9. – Submitted By Paula Hamilton All of the trick or treaters avoided the house on halloween hill. It gave me chills whenever we played near them trees.

I had my 2 cousins, my best friend and my best friend’s brother over at my house. The owners were really scary and only ever came out at night. The owners had gone out for their midnight shopping. He opened the lid slightly and saw the woman open a fridge and take out a bottle of blood. He got out of the box he was hiding in and turned to look at it.

We all went into the basement to start playing around. We ask him what he saw and he says, “How many people do we have? It started when a boy called Josh and his girlfriend were ghostbusting. He went down the stairs to the basement and just as he got to the bottom, he heard the front door open. To his horror there infront of him were two coffins.

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The sun filled the room, reflecting off the snow-capped Alps. The small cup I had was so filling I no longer needed the rest of the room’s breakfast bounty.

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