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It took 40 years to finish it, and in 1824 it ceased to operate.

1782 The school in Beaufort was used by the militia to meet and negotiate with the British when they invaded Beaufort. 1796 The third Court House was built in the intersection of Ann and Turner Streets.

C., is a quaint coastal town located on Beaufort Inlet, a channel leading south to the Atlantic Ocean.

Beaufort was later named for Henry Somerset, Duke of Beaufort.1744 The first schools were established in Beaufort, through the will of James Winwright.1747 The Spanish invaded Beaufort, the local militia forced them to leave.1764 Samuel Leffers came from New York to be the Schoolmaster in Beaufort and at the school in Straits.1766 A canal between Beaufort and New Bern was begun joining the Clubfoot and Harlow’s Creeks.

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1885 John Hopkin’s established the first marine scientific laboratory in Beaufort. The fourth court house was built on Court House Square.