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Posted by / 22-Jun-2018 17:05

Beautiful people dating site members

The most exclusive dating site for beautiful people (aptly named recently dumped 30,000 members whose applications were accepted, despite the fact that they do not meet the site’s “aesthetic standards.” The site claims that it was the victim of a computer virus, aptly named the Shrek virus, which interfered with its screening criteria.

Well, at least the site has kindly realized that its actions will be potentially distressing for the thousands of people who have just been told that they are not sufficiently beautiful for this discerning site.Or maybe it’s just, as Lane Moore writes on Jezebel, that they have their brand and they’re sticking to it. According to a Taylor G., 19-year-old model, the general pool of online daters left much to be desired.Beautiful describes itself as the “largest internet dating community exclusively for the beautiful” and puts people’s photographs to a members’ vote to decide if they are allowed in.But administrators have now shown that the rigorous 48-hour selection period is not a permanent pass by taking thousands of profiles down, mainly because of weight gain and “graceless ageing”.

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