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She seems like someone outgoing and unafraid to play a role she's given - she definitely has potential.Belinda has one of the most "sunshine" smiles around and it just amazes me a big deal that she portrays so much self-confidence. Yes, I am touched by her sincerity and professionalism in wanting to present nothing but the very best to the audiences."Duurengaral gave me the most beautiful smile in the world. She died a few months after Lee's visit Midway through the filming of a heartrending interview in the remote mountains of China eight years ago, travel host Belinda Lee cried so hard that her false eye- lashes came loose. She recounts the behind- the-scenes moment with a laugh: "The production crew burst out laughing.

In a couples shoot I will not only take more traditional portraits of you together and separately, but relaxed candid moments that show the connection you have with your partner.The third season earned her the award for Best Info-Ed Programme Host at the annual Star Awards in 2013.She is hosting a new Channel U travelogue Somewhere Out There and will appear in an SG50 commemorative programme that will air on Channel 5 next year.It seems that while she has appeared in a few shows that I've seen her in, she can't compete with the long-standing veterans.Acting beside them, she seems a little bit klutzy and clumsy, although I do admit that I have to admire her natural photogenic and camera presence on screen.

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These adventurous travelogues have set her apart from pretty hosts and earned her the reputation of being a gungho compere with a can-do attitude.