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A typical example is the need to move data through a method (although the latter option is really only viable when using ADO 2.5 and higher).Obviously these approaches have their downside because they run into problems with performance and maintainability not to mention interoperability between platforms.Problem You need to read and write binary data from and to an Oracle database. Solution Use the techniques shown in the following example. Because data is the foundation for applications such as this one we'll begin with a discussion of accessing data in the . However, rather than simply mapping the existing ADO object model to .

However, this does not allow you to assemble data from multiple data sources and easily determine from where the data comes. NET applications to cache data and pass it between tiers in a distributed application thereby alleviating the need to rely on proprietary schemes or COM marshalling.This and the three chapters that follow form a progression that illustrates the techniques useful in VB. The example code discussed in this and subsequent chapters illustrates a somewhat simplified implementation of Quilogy's online education system where students enroll in classes over the Web and Quilogy employees view and manipulate data through an Intranet site.The enrollment data is stored in a SQL Server 2000 database so where appropriate, specific features of SQL Server 2000 will be utilized. NET is comprised of classes found in the namespace that encapsulate data access for distributed applications.In addition, the classic ADO model doesn't handle hierarchical data particularly well.Although it is possible to create hierarchical recordsets using the Microsoft data shape provider, it is not simple and is therefore not often used.

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To that list you can now add the data access classes of the Services Framework. NET, serve to implement a managed interface to OLE DB and SQL Server, increase performance when using SQL Server, and allow data to be manipulated in a fashion commensurate with distributed application development utilizing the Internet and XML.

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