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We get so wrapped up in thinking about what we want for ourselves that we forget we are dealing with another human person – and image and likeness of God. “But the rapid-fire nature of Tinder's 'scan and swipe' makes it easy to turn many, many human persons into commodities in a short period of time.

That is what is scariest to me.” Bonacci said while it's possible to find someone who’s interested in a virtuous dating relationship through apps like Tinder, the chances of that happening are probably pretty low when compared with online dating sites that have more extensive profiles.

Like most other technologies, they are morally neutral in and of themselves,” he said.

“Apps do, however, possess a certainly quality of being transitory that can factor in to the other two components (intention and circumstances) that factor in to judging the morality of an act.” The transitory, cursory nature of swiping based on one picture in Tinder can be morally dangerous if that same mentality transfers to relationships with people, he said.

Romance is dead, proposes author Nancy Jo Sales, in the September 2015 issue of the publication.

What sets Tinder apart from most other dating app or online dating experiences is speed and brevity.

“How is me swiping right on a guy that I find attractive, and swiping left (on those) that I'm not that into any different than someone approaching a guy that I find attractive in a bar? Why is it suddenly so much worse if I'm doing it online?“Your region matters so much,” he told CNA in an e-mail interview. Not emotion or connections.” Holly, a twenty-something devout Catholic living in Kansas City, said she has had success finding a date – and a pretty decent one at that – on the app. Granted it was the only Tinder date, but we even went out a few times before things ended.At the time Tinder sort of freaked me out, but I decided to jump in head first and it was an enjoyable experience over all,” she said.“If, however, online dating apps or services assisting people in leading them to find another person to share the love of God with in the uniqueness of a dating relationship or marriage, it can be (morally) good.” Mary Beth Bonacci, a Catholic speaker and author on John Paul II's Theology of the Body, said what's concerning about Tinder when compared to online dating sites such as Catholic Match is the rapidity with which people can be turned into objects.“The entire realm of dating is full of opportunities to turn a human person into a commodity.

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Instead of pausing and taking the time to form real relationships, some people may decide to move on to the next best thing because they have so many options.

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