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But it led to an upsurge in bloodshed as well as political protests, and was later abandoned.The ex-wife of Brian Mc Fadden said she agreed with Muslim former police chief Tarique Ghaffur who recently told The Mail On Sunday that special centres should be set up to detain as many as 3,000 extremists.Powers to ban British jihadis from returning to the UK have been used for the first time and I fully agree with that."Anyone who leaves Britain and Ireland to fight alongside ISIS can stay out.I don't care what age or what their circumstances are."They have chosen their allegiance and while it may not have been what they expected, that's tough luck. If her Twitter feed wasn't enough of a testament to that trait, the star recently divulged some information about her famous face.

Her comments appeared alongside a somewhat incongruous picture of Vogue in a bikini and an snap of her reality TV star boyfriend Spencer Matthews.

I have no sympathy and I feel the same about them as I would any other terrorist - they can stay out.

Another approach was suggested by a Muslim former police chief Tarique Ghaffur, who said thousands of radical extremists must be locked up in new internment camps to protect Britain.

The only way to stop these senseless attacks is to put any potential threats away."I know it didn't work with the internment of IRA members in NOrthern Ireland when 2,000 alleged paramilitaries were held without trial in makeshift camps.

But in today's case the terrorists cannot be negotiated with.

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This issue first came up when schoolgirls who had left to join the Islamic State decided they wanted to return.

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