Christina aguilera dating anyone

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Christina aguilera dating anyone

Edit Christina Aguilera is a renowned actress, singer, and also the songwriter.

She has also been judge on several television shows and competitions. A month later in October she also hosted the Radio Music Award.

Edit Christina Aguilera became mother for the first time in her life in 2008.

Edit Besides being the renowned singer and songwriter, she has also established herself as an actress.

"To tell you the truth, pop music is what I listen to the least, because my mind's always wandering off to different places," she says.

All the works, despite not having been located until now, have either been indexed or recognised by specialists.

It broke almost all records in USA, UK, Canada and others too.

So, she also released her second album the following year and it was titled, Mi Reflejo.

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Recently in 2010, she was also crowned with one of the prestigious awards in music industry and that was Walk of Fame.