Cons consolidating police agencies

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Cons consolidating police agencies

Plans should be designed to provide the long overdue resolution to the questions of politics, i.e.local control versus the most effective policing—the centerpiece of that agenda being a carefully designed meta-analysis.To that end, a carefully designed meta-analysis would seem to be the obvious choice.One of the crucial keys to the success and subsequent impact of any meta-analysis is the precise formulation of its focus.However, keeping Holzer’s cautionary observations in mind could serve to intensify the scrutiny in selecting only the most reliable studies to be included in the proposed police consolidation research.As such, actually serve to enhance the all-important credibility of its findings.murder, manslaughter) from 82 percent in 1971 to the current 63.8 percent (UCR’s, 1971; 2011), would seem to provide a compelling reason to continue exploring the potential efficiency advantages of police consolidation while also addressing the contemporary funding concerns.

With the critical need to reduce policing costs in both the current fiscal environment, and in the long term, now is the opportune time to embrace police consolidation with a vigorous, multi-faceted research agenda.Regrettably however, although their intriguing observation about homeland security appears to have been an original insight, their latter findings were not new.Although supportive of the conclusions of previous studies, the findings do not reflect a significant movement toward police consolidation in the United States, about which an almost century-long discussion has been co-opted and dominated by the status quo orientation that has come to typify local politics.Should the results of the proposed research produce additional support for the position that the advantages of police consolidation clearly outweigh the arguments for maintaining local political control, the time will have finally arrived for not only claiming that the police consolidation controversy has been temporarily resolved in the abstract, but that there no longer exists any legitimate reasons to further delay the promotion of police consolidation in communities nation-wide.The American Society for Public Administration is the largest and most prominent professional association for public administration.

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