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Dating a martin trumpet

Public relations boss Matthew Freud, who is courting heiress Jemima Goldsmith, threw a lavish party at his £20 million London home last week, where guests included Sir Bob Geldof and comedian Sir Lenny Henry.The modern humans, the homo-sapiens, having appeared on the earth approximately 200,000 years ago, music and the trumpet predate our species.Evidence has been found at ancient pre-human sites suggesting that our ancestors music did not stop with vocalization.

They were hunter-gatherers, though unlike wolves, their lack of natural weaponry was offset by their increased brain function and rare status as not only tool users, but the first complex tool makers. For the proto-humans, the voice was a critical tool just as it is for the wolf.

When the glaciers had receded and human civilization began to emerge 9,000 years ago, the Neolithic Revolution had transitioned hunter-gatherers to farmers. Pipes, bells, flutes, harps, drums and string instruments were seen from Africa to the North-East Asian coastline.

The oldest known recognizable instrument is a Cro-Magnon bone flute from 44-40,000 BC.

When the pack hunts, the members spread out across territory in search of prey.

When it is sighted, they vocalize to signal the pack to come together for the attack.

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That third item is at a higher level of brain function in the concept of drawing friendly forces together for some reason.

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