Dating a pregnant woman

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Dating a pregnant woman

Pregnant Woman #1: So, my first encounter with the Pregnant and Dating lifestyle was a little bit after my 21st birthday.I was living on my own, and working a good job, with mediocre pay.

So even as a young man, I felt that it was more important to see what could flourish, and how things could play out, BUT, I don’t think I was personally, and truly ready for that ready-made family situation.After re-learning more about each other, we felt like the old spark was rekindled, and continued to talk almost daily.The conversations began to take a turn after a week or two, and she was getting more serious.So we had another date, and that’s when I learned why… At about 4-5 months, she showed pretty good, and beyond being obviously pregnant she wanted to be honest.I wasn’t scared away, since we had rekindled the flame, and I was really digging her.

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Do you want a family, a companion, or just someone to knock that baby loose! Whatever the needs are, each person has to be ready and play their part.

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