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Dating consultant salary

d) I started a blog 5 years ago that got over a million viewers last year. f) I figured out what I was doing wrong in love, admitted my failures, and chose my wife.Without ALL of those things, I might not be a dating coach.

Evan, My boyfriend and I have been together for four years and we have a very strong and healthy relationship.The coach often has been in a situation where he found his own job situation to be bleak and decided it was high time for a change of direction.A vocational coach assesses her clients' current jobs, what they want to do and what their personal strengths are.I have always supported him and we talked a lot about this issue. So let me tell you something about being a dating coach: there aren’t very many successful dating coaches.He is sincere with me, but at the same time I am very fearful that our relationship will be compromised… –Sofia Dear Sofia, There’s some information left out of your question that makes it difficult to give the most accurate dating advice. Sure, there are lots of people who give dating advice, but how many of them have you heard of?

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