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While on dates with Australian men, I’ve been accused of being ‘one of those stupid feminists who thinks they can buy a man’ because I bought the second round of drink.

I've been told that I’d ‘do a lot better with blokes if I didn’t have so many opinions’.

Dating and making friends involves the same kind of imbalance.

All dating sites are geared around ‘getting a root’ rather than finding a relationship and men here are certainly not shy about telling you that the role of women is to be seen and not heard.

I used to live in Dubai, where abortion is illegal and being gay is punishable by death, so it wasn't like I was shocked.

I just didn't expect that to be the case in a country that's often portrayed as sunny and fun. In fact, I've never seen the same deep-seated and openly acceptable sexist attitudes that exist in Australia anywhere else – including The Middle East.

In Dubai, I saw women in burkhas and abiyas everywhere I looked, but I also saw those women at work in managerial positions, and I never once heard any of them referred to as an ‘uptight bitch’, a ‘bossy cow’ or them being told they needed ‘a good seeing to' if they dared to stand up to overtly sexist behaviour at work.

Buy a drink for a man or go halves on a date and it’s met with bewilderment, then a certain level of conceit.

I’d thought it’d gone well thanks to the weeks of research, number-crunching and intense working hours I’d put in to prepare, but I didn't think my choice of shoe was going to come into it.

Still, I'm not sure quite why I was so surprised, given that I've never felt more aware of my gender than I have since moving to Australia from the UK three years ago.

Here, women make up less than 10 per cent of directors in the Top 500 companies and are paid, on average, 17.5 per cent less than men.

By comparison, in Britain, women make up 19 per cent of FTSE 100 directors and, while there’s still a pay gap, it’s smaller than Australia’s at 15 per cent.

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The men will be outside, crowded round the barbecue or some machinery, while the women will be sat around a table or in the lounge together, usually with the children.

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