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Boys of this age are growing rapidly and have huge appetites, so their mothers pack them big bentos (ドカ弁 dokaben).The boys are often still hungry, so they supplement their bentos with sweet (お菓子パン)or savory (おかずパン)filled breads like a (a roll filled with sweet red bean paste), hotdogs and so on, bought at a convenience store or bakery.: D If you were office mates or something, you probably wouldn’t do it for the same reasons above…You wouldn’t want to bring unusual attention to yourself at work. The reason it’s not common is because: 1) Japanese kids in adolescence are notoriously shy; 2) It’s a social faux pas to do something that sticks out, except for occasions like Valentine’s Day; and3) Most likely your mom makes your lunch, and it would be hugely embarrassing/weird to ask your mom to make your boyfriend’s lunch.

We have made every effort to minimize our international shipping charges. We do not make any profit on our shipping services to international customers.The most-often stated reason for charaben is to encourage picky eaters to eat their food, but I’ve always thought that their role as a creative outlet for the mothers, as well as the urge to compete against other kids’ bentos (and by extension, their mothers’ bento skills) are just as strong incentives.Every lunchtime can be a contest of sorts as to who has the cutest bento.This is a school-wide event where the kids are divided into two teams, Red and White, and compete in various athletic events.Parents are supposed to attend, and at lunchtime the whole family sits somewhere within the school grounds and tucks into a big family bento.

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