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Okay so let’s be a little honest to each other here…There comes a time in your life as a parent when you start doubting that you ever had a real life!But when Patsy Mount (Emerald Fennell) came in to replace Jenny Lee (Jessica Raine), my eyes lit up.It wasn’t just her tall figure, elegance and long ginger locks which grabbed my attention, but how she acted and responded to topics involving men and relationships. That initial excitement wore off pretty soon as I started to realise that simply including LGBT characters to fulfil diversity quotas wasn’t good enough.Having some time to carry a nice conversation can only improve your relationship.Almost killed off and absent from the Christmas special: what hope is left for Call the Midwife’s lesbian couple Patsy and Delia?Even if we leave everything in the hands of God and what He wants for us, it’s still pretty much fun to talk about all of it!

Disappointingly, Patsy and Delia were not taken on the trip, a marked absence from the hour and a half long episode, bar a two second clip at the beginning of the show.For this date night, what matters is tightening the connection between each other while having fun and creating a memory.We bought a big canvas that can actually be placed on the wall afterwards and a set of cheap paints.Particularly disappointing, as midwife Patsy is one of the main faces of the show, when more minor characters such as Sister Winifred did make the cut.So while the majority of the audience were in awe of Tom and Barbara’s engagement, I was sat frustrated wondering what Delia and Patsy were getting up to back in London.

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