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Dating demand com

Users should be spending less time swiping and more time actually dating.” Whilst this sort of functionality is encouraging, the fact remains that while dating apps may be great at getting you out of the house, none can guarantee chemistry.

And why do people seem to prefer meeting strangers these days anyway?

“Contrary to other apps and services, we’re not focused on any one narrow niche," he says.

"We cater to users seeking casual commitments as well as those looking for something more long-term.

“Clover users are not going on blind dates,” Raichyk says.

For example, one of the aspects people are matched on is attractiveness, which is calculated on a user's popularity, inbound message frequency and reputation; so potentially the more you use it the more accurate your matches become.

It’s hard to imagine anyone looking at the frighteningly simple swipe-left functionality of Tinder and saying, “It’s just too complicated.” But think about it: Users have to swipe in hopes of a match, then chat in hopes of a spark and then maybe (but probably not ever) make plans with your potential soul mate.

The recent upsurge of “on-demand dating” promises to end all that.

So what does Raichyk realistically predict Clover will be used for?

After all, if people are quickly coupled-up, they won't come back for more from the app.

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Rather, users can better discern if a potential date is actually after the same thing as them because, unlike many apps, Clover accesses video and audio (people are less likely to lie when you're looking them in the eye).

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