Dating jewelry wig loops

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Dating jewelry wig loops

This brooch was also was featured in Southeastern Antiquing & Collecting Magazine, August 2003.

View View View View #V9521 VICTORIAN antique sentimental hair jewelry, a 10k yellow gold bracelet of fifteen tubular hollow links, each a beautifully woven memento with varying tones of hair, and each link inscribed with the source monogram of a different name or initials of the person whose hair it is, probably a friendship token.

Hair jewelry was not always mourning jewelry, however, as it was also crafted as love tokens from sweethearts, family members and cherished friends.

Rings might be engraved with loving messages and memorials either on the face or inside the band, and might also have hidden compartments for the hair.

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Whether fashioned by a home crafter or professionally by a hair weaver or a jewelry maker, hair jewelry was the height of the romanticism and sentiment that characterized the Victorian era.

Brooches came in all sizes from the daintiest lace pin, worn by both men and women, to a larger 3" oval meant to be worn at the neck.

Watch chains and bracelets often show the most ingenious hair weaving techniques with more than one color of hair often used, as perhaps a chain given by three daughters to their father.

Some pieces were done as mourning pieces or "momento mori" ("remember you must die"), but some were not.

While some may find this morbid, for the Victorians death was a common and accepted part of everyday life especially due to the higher infant mortality rate of the time and the devastation of the Civil War.

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The chains hang down 3 inches (7.5 centimeters) and are made of rhodium silver-plated brass.

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