Dating woman autistic child

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Dating woman autistic child

I mean in a way it would seem wrong to date someone, get close, and then bring it up.If I am very upfront it will scare people away which is understandable because I'd react the same way if it was vice versa.Lack of understanding is the main culprit but I don't understand it myself so I cannot hold that against someone.This is just something I have a hard time explaining or figuring out. I decided a long time back, even when I wasn't trying to date, that I would deal with it as a normal part of my everyday life, and not something weird.At least that is the theory, at my worst I lost 30 lbs, I would eat maybe once a day, and I romanticized suicide.I got help with psychotropic medication, see a psychotherapist bi monthly, went through physical therapy, and put the weight back on after approximately 6 month of treatment.But I don't necessarily disclose that information to anyone, because it is more or less under control.I suffered an injury, and that triggered the depression.

I suffer from severe major depressive disorder, without psychosis.

That is, don't try to figure out "when to tell someone about it," as though it's a disease or something. I'm with Igor - everyone has something which they wonder when to mention. For some your personal situation will matter and for others it won't.

Instead, be matter of fact about it, and only talk about it when and if it is pertinent to your moment to moment situation. It might be a child with disabilities which means on-going dependency, it might be that they have been married 5 times, it might be that their parents live in their home, it might be that they work away a lot, it might be that their teenager is a selfish devil, it might be that they are recently out of a long term relationship. As we learn about someone new, we learn lots of little details which at anytime might be very significant to the person we are speaking to or might not be. Having worked with Autistic children in the past, I give you a lot of credit as a dad.

They don't deserve your effort nor your time, You're here to find somebody who'll love you and her as it is and accept you both as a package deal.

As a man in your situation, you can afford to be highly selective, given that you have a child with special needs.

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I don't know how I should handle it, or what I should do when it comes to dating. I found that this helped me in two ways: since I got used to mentioning it casually when it was pertinent to the conversation around me, I calmed down about the subject area; and since I talked about it freely, instead of announcing it in carefully couched terms, the other people I told about it felt much more comfortable as well.