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Elect club dating

All club officers should be responsible for knowing the club’s purpose and keeping the club focused on its mission and goals.

Club officers should also, when necessary, assist other club members in completing their duties.

Not all clubs have all five officers; however, at a minimum, the President and the ICC Representative are required for each club.

Duties of each officer can be found in the “General Outline for a Constitution” on the Student Club web site.

Please refer to your club’s “Constitution” for information on when elections are to be held.

Clubs are strongly encouraged to announce club elections to all current club members at least two weeks prior to the date elections are to be held.

By the 19th century, the term had expanded to describe any position in which a substantial period of time elapses between election and installation.

Some clubs allow the President to appoint any club member to any open officer position should that position not be filled by an election.

For example, a President who has been elected but not yet installed would be referred to as a President-elect (e.g. This usage of the term -elect originated in the Catholic Church, where bishops were elected but would not take office until ordained.

At the end of the term, the President-Elect is promoted to the position of President, and a new President-Elect is elected.

The advantage of this schema is a clear continuity of succession, as well as the opportunity to familiarize the President-Elect with the operations of the organization before becoming President.

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Prime Minister-designate) is used in systems without direct elections of executive politicians, such as in parliamentary systems.

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