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“I feel bad for her, because she has been in the spotlight and this symbol of beauty,” Blake joked about his newfound status, to which Ellen responded, “And now you’re overshadowing her?

Ellen De Generes and Portia de Rossi share a laugh as they step out on Tuesday afternoon (June 20) in West Hollywood, Calif.

actress explained why she's uneasy about the idea of using technology to find a partner.

In an exclusive new interview with “We had fun times, whether it was dancing or horseback riding, the kind of stuff us country guys do,” Heath said.

"Maybe I'm old school."Either way, Hudson added, "I'm all right."Might she ever reconsider?

—that I’d been fat and ugly my whole life, and if only for one year I get to be sexy, I’m going to milk this for everything that it’s worth.” The conversation soon turned to Blake‘s girlfriend of two years, Gwen Stefani.

'""I just think: Why don't you just meet a guy in Starbucks? "People ask that question as if, 'Oh yeah, it's really healthy to publicly talk about who I am or am not dating when I've got a tween.' [Ryder Robinson] can read, and he can hear.

Why don't you just go up to someone, and why doesn't a guy have the guts to come up and say, 'Hey, I'm so-and-so. '" asked Hudson, who was on the show to promote Fabletics.

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That kept things alive, kept the conversation good.” So smitten was De Generes at the time, that she’s previously admitted she thought Heath was the one saying, “I wanted to marry Ben desperately.” She added, “I’m sure I’d have a nice place with Ben somewhere, and we’d have kids, and I wouldn’t have known.