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Elucidating advanced guestbook 2 4 4

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It would be an instructive and insightful exercise to ask students to consider or to list actual evidences that support either progressive acquisition or progressive loss of genetic information.

Does the geological column prove that the earth is billions of years old? These are questions that are too often assumed as the rock layers are presented as if they self-evidently...

their embryos looked vaugely similar; he distorted his drawings to make them appear more alike than they really are and he completely omitted the earliest embryonic stages that look noticeably different. Although unstated, traditional teaching assumes a progressive increase of genetic information as molecule becomes man.

For example, he had made the eye of the dog twice as large to match that of the human and doubled the length of the lower vertebrae of the human to match the tail of the dog. The evidences offered by textbooks in support of this progression and discussed here can hardly be considered convincing while other evidences such as the origin of life experiments or the evolution of the horse are equally as dubious.

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When insecticides such as DTD were developed it was recognized that, say, 99% of the insect population was affected. Later, he conceded that natural selection was only part of the mechanism for evolution. Promoted by Ernst Haeckel in 1866 as his "Biogenetic Law" or "Recapitulation Theory" and popularised by his phrase "Ontogeny recapitulates Phylogeny," it was condemned in 1874 as fraudulent by Wilhelm His, a noted embryologist.

Historically, it was assumed that life evolved from simple to complex, selected fossil evidence seemed to confirm this, but more often than not the fish, the amphibian, reptile etc were out of order or missing. Yet, textbooks repeatedly claim that, "more and more missing links have been found" while the Archaeopteryx is the example always cited. The so-called vestigial organs are cited as evidence for the "common ancestor," and either the boa constrictor's or the whale's "legs" are given as examples. Later in this century, when anti-pollution laws were introduced, the tree trunks became white and the moth population shifted back from predominately black to white.

In recognition of this, more than 150 years ago, geologists began using "index fossils," a series of marine arthropods, crustaceans, brachiopods, molluscs etc all of which are very small but their order was more consistent and, again, this was their assumed order of apearance; many of them still exist today. This is the alleged transition between the dinosaur and the bird. Annual Review of Ecology & Systematics, 1989, p.51. Two very small bones found half-way along the vertebrae are said to be homologous to the hip bones of other vertebrates. Earth & Life Through Time (Textbook), 1989, p.138; J. Kettlewell believed that the birds ate those moths that could easily be seen as they rested on the tree trunk.

Textbooks may intend this hypothetical diagram, the geologic column, simply to indicate the life forms typical of each era of earth's history but the reader would naturally perceive this to be the evidence that those life forms did indeed develop in this order. But, having decided that two similar-looking limbs are homologous, it is then argued that this similarity proves their common ancestry! Darwin lamented that the absence of intermediate fossils was the weakest part of his theory and this is still echoed by senior paleontologists today. His work, and the famous photograph of the black and white forms of this moth on the lichen-covered trunk of a tree, have appeared in virtually every biology textbook as definitive evidence of evolution.

This circular projection is then reinforced when the textbooks also claim this fossil order to be the most powerful evidence for evolution. The fossil record shows no sign of gradual change as fin changes to leg or limb to wing and in any case such transition creatures would quickly be excluded since, a partially formed wing, would render the creature less fit to survive. The story began in England at the time of the Industrial Revolution where it was noted that as the tree trunks became blacked by industrial soot, the white form of the moth, Biston betularia, declined in numbers while the black form proliferated.

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It is the index fossils that are used to identify the strata. It was controversial when discovered in 1861, is still the subject of controversy and not accepted as a transition by every paleontologist. The explanation is actually a tautology based upon the assumption that whales and snakes evolved from four-legged ancestors; this is then offered as evidence that this did in fact occur. This shift in population was real but to this day no one really knows the mechanism.

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