Emma watson dating barrymore

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She was born in Paris and brought up in Oxford shire.The hard working and beautiful Emma Watson was born on 15th April, 1990.Harry Potter star Emma Watson has ended her two-year relationship with financier Jay Barrymore.

My news of Hurt Locker star Jeremy Renner's blossoming friendship with Charlize Theron has rattled the actor's on- off girlfriend, aspiring actress Jes Macallan.'He's been acting with them since he moved to the US, and he has got Emma involved.'This is a new experience for Emma and she's a little nervous about her performance, but the play has already sold out.The pair became close friends last November while Emma was still in a relationship with Jay, and since the split she has been heavily leaning on Rafael.'Emma and Jay, 28, were in trouble for months and with Emma at Brown University in America, the transatlantic gap proved too much for their relationship to survive,' says a friend.

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The pretty actress who recently played the lead role of Belle in the movie version of the classic “The Beauty and The Beast” deserves no less than a prince, but she has finally settled for a Knight.