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At Oxford you will achieve the fullest picture if you combine information from all available sources, i.e.: Novice teachers often have intrinsic motives for evaluation. ” They wish to discover their own strengths and weaknesses and compare their performance with that of experienced colleagues whom they respect (Hounsell, 2010, p199).

However, once the novice has achieved a desired comfort level with the teaching role, continued self evaluation guards against complacency and enables ongoing improvement and freshness, helping to maintain job satisfaction.

CLA can be instrumental in helping to create the conditions for development success by: CLA includes systematically generating and sharing knowledge about how best to achieve development outcomes through well-designed and executed projects and using that knowledge to inform decisions, adapt ongoing projects and improve the design of future projects.

These two studies found there has been an increase in the quality and use of evaluations.Self-evaluation is a mark of professionalism in teaching.Hounsell (2010) calls it “an integral part of good professional practice” (p198).Teaching evaluation takes place at Oxford at different levels: from National surveys, e.g.National Student Survey (NSS), International Student Barometer (ISB) (The University’s Surveys web page gives access to these data), through department and faculty or college surveys, to evaluations carried out by individual teachers.


You will see that qualitative feedback is available in some cases, whilst the Wadham questionnaire asks for very little feedback on teaching but invites students to assess their own progress.

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