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It's almost like being in middle school again having to listen to that one kid in the classroom who turned everything the teacher said into a dirty joke, except now you're that kid.This will make the person you're chatting with feel like they started the sex chat, and they'll end up being more comfortable. ” Them: “I thought about you earlier.” You: “Thought about me between your legs? ” Try out some of these sex chat approaches now at you can participate in sex chatting with singles anywhere for free.If you are a girl you simply need to sound fun, cheerful, flirtatious and elegant.The best way to perfect your greeting is to refine, repeat and test until you get the desired results that you want.Examples: Them: “I'm heading to bed soon.” You: “Is that an invitation? Registration is quick and doesn't require a credit card or any personal information, ensuring your privacy while you sex chat with others.Contribute to group chats or engage in a one-on-one conversation, the decision is yours!

Always say your greeting with a friendly tone and clear voice.The key is to sound confident and obviously adjust it slightly depending on which type of chatline site you are on.For example if it is a naughty chatline you will want to talk dirty, but on a singles chatline looking for love you will want to sound fun and flirty.Here are a few examples of chatline greetings to get you ready.Example 1: The Muscular Stud Hey I’m Chad and I know you are looking for a good time. I know how to have all kinds of fun and can show you all the best clubs in Vegas.

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So, if you're chatting with someone and they mention what they bought while they were out shopping, you can bring up the same topic later; and let them know that you're thinking about them in what they bought.

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