Exhibition webcam

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Exhibition webcam

Remember that “Dancing Baby” GIF of a 3D-rendered, animated infant from the 1990s? showcases them all on computers that each date to its content’s respective era, allowing visitors to experience and learn about stories from the web’s formative years that we may have forgotten.It’s curated by Jim Boulton as part of his ongoing project, Digital Archaeology, which seeks to preserve key moments of internet culture and raise awareness of the need to do so, through various exhibitions.“The first website appeared on the internet in 1991,” Boulton told Hyperallergic. The first five years of the web — its formative years — have not been archived.The music is all generated in real-time by me waving my fingers, hands and arms around (or in fact any motion) in front of a standard web-cam.

However, privacy advocates have criticised the exhibition for its unauthorised use of personal data and images that clearly show the person’s face.

Hundreds of Hong Kong households seen by strangers online via Shodan search engine The exhibition includes images of a family having dinner in their living room, children sleeping and a woman sitting on a sofa – all completely oblivious to the fact that they are being spied upon.

The term “backdoor” is based on hacker lingo, meaning a feature or defect within computer hardware or software that allows unauthorised access to data.

“On whether this exhibition should be exempted as an ‘art’ under the Data Protection Act of UK, I cannot help but ask where the artistic input of the artist is in these images.” In a reply to Channel 4, the British Information Commissioner’s Office said it was aware of the exhibition and was making enquires.

With the geolocation of the various images all pointing to the single location, Wing Lee Street in Sheung Wan, the accuracy of the coordinates remains in doubt.

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“[The commissioner] may consider referring appropriate cases to overseas data protection authorities for follow-up actions pursuant to international cooperation arrangements.” Representatives for Thompson did not respond to the ’s inquires.

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