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Hal’s character spent the first season lusting after his more experienced boyhood friend and gigolo, Brain, who just couldn’t see past the children’s underwear with blue lining that Michael still wore.Two years after the show’s series finale, it’s no “where are they now? He has been performing with his band, featured on “Celebrity Duets” and continues his VH1 television appearances (from which he says he is most often recognized).I always knew that the benefit of the show would only be totally understood and respected about four years after it was over, and we’re almost at the two year mark.There’s also the illusion that as long as the show was on, the change that it was instigating was happening.And it’s not even by choice on the part of the people that live there, it’s just habit. The writers themselves [were] just writing characters that they knew personally, representative characters.Instead of going, ‘Let’s be all things to all people,’ which is entirely impossible, they kinda went ‘I knew this kinda person growing up, I’m gonna write that.’ We never really had somebody on that was transgender. The exec producers and Showtime had always intended for it to have a limited run.

When you have a drama, character change has to happen, or you’re on a failed drama. Sparks: Not at all, I thought we’d accomplished something great.Sparks: ) changed American culture and opened the gates to a flood of gays on television.There was virtually nothing gay on American television before QAF, and even with the on-slot of “gay” shows, the characters on those shows take more cliché roles, or are presented as the token gays, only present to lure a gay audience seeking representation in the media.What are you most proud of having been part of a culturally significant show?Sparks: I think the portrayal of the Ben and Michael relationship as a [HIV] positive/negative couple, because that was the first time that was ever on television in America.

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And I think because the Michael character and the Ben character were the kind of people that you might know from the office, there was nothing extraordinary about their personality that would immediately peg them as gay, and so it was an easy crossover for a lot of the straight audience to understand it and get it.