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It was wrapped around a bottle of cognac inside a used Tiffany box. "Getting a last-minute gift can mean you're last on his list," she said."Needless to say, we're no longer together," Williams-Witherspoon said. "It's been my experience that the way an individual gifts you reveals a lot about how they think about you.The couple, who now live in Wyncote, have been married for 22 years and have two children."Yes, you can survive stupid holidating behavior," Balee said.

She selected two or three jazz CDs she thought he would like."To say I was irked and disappointed is an understatement," she said.That displeasure came through the next day when she talked to her boyfriend on the phone. There, she found in the packaging the emerald and diamond earrings he'd chosen for her. "Not only had I been nosy," she said, "but I'd shown my horrible, lowlife, gift-expecting personality." That was 26 years ago.The Temple professor takes holidays very seriously, especially Christmas.It reminds her of her own happy childhood, when it seemed that her parents made all of her material wishes come true despite challenging economic times.

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It's Just Lunch recommends: "Fly to Vegas, book a suite at the Wynn, and get great tickets for the Elton John Red Piano concert.

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