I love cats dating video fake Chat band cam xxx

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I love cats dating video fake

She ecstatically agreed to do a little interview with me (well, happily at least) so here goes!

Firstly, did you ever secretly want to make out with me behind the stairs on the third floor of the art building at 3PM? I secretly/not so secretly wanted to make out with any boy as long as they brought me 3 or more chocolate chip cookies from that snack stand in the cafeteria. If I knew, I would have pumped you full of more cookies, mediocre mozzarella sticks and shit personal pan pizzas than you could have ever handled!

That being said, a surprising number of people are still talking about the video as if it was the real deal. Megan covers everything from the latest viral videos to online video news and tips, and has a passion for bizarre, original and revolutionary content and ideas.

I put it on Youtube and the rest is internet history!

Look, if you’re going to pose with your friend’s cat to get more Tinder matches, you’ve got to be prepared for at least a few people to ask about your furry friend.

And if you happen to meet someone you want to pursue long-term, either prepare to confess or steal the cat.*While we’ve seen stories of people maintaining lies on the Internet and had a good laugh about it – ‘Peter Andre’s my uncle’ being one that immediately springs to mind – you’ve got to think about the real-life consequences of putting that lie out there.

As I was getting ready to turn my computer off, the line “I want to hug every cat but I can’t because that’s crazy, I can’t hug EVERY cat” went through my head and I thought .

So I tried to record it on my sisters Facebook wall and it wouldn’t let me so I used my computers webcam.

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