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An exotic stranger needs help, and you’re the only one able to provide it.

On any given day, a handful of those pleas still file into your email’s spam folder.

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These talented, charismatic actors have already tasted success, appearing in high-profile films; but they're all still on the cusp of major stardom. Gael García Bernal: Mexican-born actor/filmmaker Gael García Bernal was a teenage heartthrob in his native country, acting in soap operas, and went on to star in such celebrated Spanish-language films as . Gugu Mbatha-Raw: British–South African rising star Gugu Mbatha-Raw was born in England, where she started acting in series television.

From Spanish-born Daniel Brühl to Swedish export Alicia Vikander, check out these eight foreign actors to watch for. Since launching her career in America, the statuesque beauty has made a diverse collection of films ranging from the historical drama , starring alongside Matthew Mc Conaughey. Rebecca Ferguson: Born in Sweden to a British mother, Rebecca Ferguson was an accomplished actress overseas for years, starring in projects like the BBC series is the kind of project that could help Harington transition to more serious films. Cara Delevingne: Born to an aristocratic British family, actress/model Cara Delevingne appeared in a smattering of UK productions before bursting onto the scene in Hollywood.

There you are, back in the dating world, a single mom or a divorced single mom. When you hopped online to make your profile, you probably filled out the profile with all the best intentions.

Whatever the case may be, you're back in the saddle, ready to mingle with the big boys. You didn't forget to, you know, mention one of your kids. For the most, part 99 percent of the men you come across will be honest about the little ducklings they've made with someone else across the pond, but I knew a dude or two who simply forgot to write down the accurate number of kids.

Why would some guy just go, "Oopsie, I forgot a kid?

A friend of mine came back from New York and said that he couldn't stand the smell of burnt flesh.

It immediately reminded me of a barbecue." - On her decision to become a vegetarian.

" Well, maybe he's worried that the more kids he comes with, the more baggage in your eyes.

He probably feels it's a hindrance to meeting women, and that perhaps once he gets to know you, you'll be open to a man with many children.

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However, after doing so, we must quickly visit the nearest doctor, to take it out. I was relieved and thankful that nothing happens to my daughter, even though we took our time to see the doctor, after putting the baby oil in her ear.

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