Information statistics on dating violence no 1 dating site

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Because of the wide-spread amount of bullying it is more important than ever for parents and teachers to check in with children about bullying.

Many students might be afraid to tell an adult or parent, which is why parents and teachers need to be aware of the signs of bullying and to pay attention to what is going on with their child or student.

This guide includes some information about what behaviors are considered abusive during a relationship.

February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness month, but dating violence can happen across all age groups.(pdf) If your boyfriend or girlfriend is making you feel uncomfortable or doing things that don’t feel okay, you are not alone.Verbal, physical, and sexual violence are common in teen relationships, but no one deserves to be treated poorly and there are ways to get help.Many of these students are forced to deal with at-school bullying and have it follow them home as they see hurtful comments and rumors being said about them throughout the Internet.While this isn’t always a school-related issue, many schools are cutting down on this type of behavior from occurring at school by limiting computer time and prohibiting many of the social websites used to spread the hurtful information.

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This type of bullying has gotten immense media attention over the past few years sighting instances of cyber bullying pushed too far, and in many cases leading to cases of teen suicide or death.