Internet killed the dating game joanne visser dating

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Internet killed the dating game

Ofcom's reprimand accompanies a slump in popularity among viewers.The company's channels, which include MTV2 (for lovers of "alternative rock"), and MTV Base (for R'n'B fans) have haemorrhaged audiences between 2003 and this year, the biggest loss being among its core audience, the highly sought-after 16- to 24-year-old males.It was Video Killed the Radio Star, by The Buggles.And so with this unique blend of brash, rapid-fire imagery and cutting edge rock 'n' roll, the channel went on to revolutionise the way the world saw music.Now, nine of the top 20 hits of You Tube are music videos.

Gidon Katz, the managing director of Box TV, says: "MTV used to be the place where you would go to see new music videos.

The awards continued to hog headlines this week, when at the MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles two presenters (the actors Seth Rogen and James Franco) pretended to smoke marijuana before giving a gong.

Nowadays, despite the poor headlines and unfavourable comparisons to what it once was, MTV boasts a whole slew of programmes it has generated itself.

Because of the rise of You Tube and My Space, many of the more conventional channels are trying to work out how to compete.

I think maybe MTV has not yet hit on the right idea.

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By the mid-1980s, the company had come to embody the values of contemporary America, helped along by the videos of culturally resonant artists such as Madonna and Bruce Springsteen. It proved to be a powerful platform for a new breed of video auteurs, who exploited the burgeoning acceptance of the music video as an artform.