Invois updating data user link

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Invois updating data user link

This is a poor experience for anybody managing this, as a lot of people will commonly decide to take 50% deposits on payments.SIDEBAR: Is there an express checkout option for Paypal included in this plugin?

A variety of settings makes it easy to configure PDF appearance.

WATCH THE QSALESDATA 10 MINUTE PRODUCT OVERVIEW VIDEO You no longer need to make your address changes in 2 places. This is one of the most powerful features of the QSales Data product. users access to Quick Books transaction data without giving them access to Quick Books. user can quickly see all of the transactions for that customer, and they can even double-click on the transactions to see the line item detail.

Quick Books makes you double-click on each invoice to see what they purchases.

The plugin ties into WP’s user management database to keep track of your clients and their information.

Once an invoice is created from the WP admin section, an email with a brief description and a unique link is sent to client.

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I checked the docs for the plugin and it seems that the minimum payment is $.50. The invoice displayed, “Total Due: $.75”, but when the payment went through, the invoice displayed, “Total Due: -$49.25”. “object”: “charge”, “amount”: 5000, EDIT: I believe the cause of this is that in the Edit Invoice Dash, I’ve set “Allow Partial Payment” to true, and have set “Minimum Payment” to 50%.