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Prosecutors also used Holmes' dating website profiles to try to prove he knew the consequences of his actions.On two social networking websites — and Friend — Holmes asked: "Will you visit me in prison?Holmes, clad from head to toe in body armor, was found standing by his car outside the theater.He told investigators that the apartment setup was an effort to pull police away from the theater so, under that scenario, he wouldn't expect to see police so quickly.The profile says that he is looking for a “fling” or “casual sex,” and his bio quote says “Will you visit me in prison?” The picture sure looks like Holmes but I am no expert on adult friend finder (I swear) so let’s evaluate.Holmes also bought two Glock handguns, a shotgun and an AR-15 rifle, along with 6,295 rounds of ammunition, targets, body armor and chemicals, prosecutors said.He dyed his hair bright orange, then bought a scope and non-firing dummy bullets on July 1, the visit and the new hair color documented in security video.

Gumbinner said Holmes told him he hoped the music would lure someone and lead them to play with the car, thereby detonating the explosives.

The crowd-sourcing magic of Reddit may have unearthed another side of alleged Aurora movie theater gunman James Holmes.

Several Redditors dug up what might be Holmes’ personal account on Adult Friend Finder.com, a social networking site for casual sex seekers.

This user put down their birth date as “December 10, 1987” when the official reports have been that his date of birth is December 13, 1987.

Also: it is not 100-percent clear that the red-headed fellow in the AFF profile is the alleged shooter — several facial details seem slightly off (but if this is not him this is one of the greatest coincidences ever).

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5) The user’s personal bio quote is: “Will you visit me in prison?