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I'm sure that if I were Daddy and I only saw him once a week I would be bouncy and playful too, but thats not something I can explain to a little boy.

Toys that aren't available to youy 24/7 always seem more interesting to children and it won't matter what you buy. I would say it's not helping your lo and if there is anything he could say to him to help out you would appreciate it. Sounds very painful, but I bet he loves you very, very much. My Son has just turned four, over the last few months he has been telling me he wants to live with his Daddy.He says Daddy plays with him more and Daddy has better toys and he likes Daddy the best.Fran is right about the grass being greener and children go through phases of favouring one parent over the other anyway.Can't you agree that he spends more time with his dad to level it out? I wish his Dad would help to explain but he often tells me how he'd love to have the lo live with him and how much better a job he would do even though he is working.

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I know these things shouldn't matter but being a child it must all be so exciting. He will be able to see for himself what you have done for him and will certainly be a wee ego boost!

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