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Of course, one of the club's main attractions are the live sex shows.

» Sex Shows & Clubs Amsterdam is known by many as the city of sin and has a reputation as a place where anything goes.

Drinks prices inside are surprisingly reasonable, and so the drinks tokens may not be as good a deal as they seem.

Wheelchair access is around the back of the theatre, simply ask the doorman and he will be happy to show you through.

To reserve your place at a professional sex show, we recommend to make an online reservation at the famous Casa Rosso erotic theatre. The set up here is what most people imagine when they think of sex shows in Amsterdam, a theatre set up with seats close to the stage so everyone can get a look.

It is also possible to sit at the bar, where of course it is easier to get your drinks, but the waitresses walking around the room are also perfectly willing to fetch refreshments for you.

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