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Naughty or nice dating

[Read: The art of dry humping and the virgin’s guide to orgasms] #9 Body work. Dirty: full throttle ahead Pushing ahead into dirty dares! The first of the truly naughty dares, and assuming that everyone’s pretty turned on at this point, your task is to taste another member of the group’s sexual fluids from their fingers. No money shot, however, at risk of a penalty which the group is to decide. Following on from the last dare, this offering is exactly the same except that you have to masturbate another member of the group instead. There are male-oriented alternatives for the guys, like vibrating cock rings that can replace the vibrator—unless they are that way inclined, of course.No genitals are allowed into the equation, but in this option you must kiss, lick, and stroke another player’s body, from top to bottom, for a full five minutes. [Read: 10 naughty sex games for couples to feel really horny in no time] Obscene: not for the weak-hearted! In this challenge, you are tied up for five minutes, spread-eagled, for the rest of the group to do what they want to you.Fantasize Okay, so the idea of talking dirty leaves you tongue-tied, and the thought of giving voice to your most secret desires is a little intimidating.First, give over the belief that all your sexual fantasies - or your partner's - are something you'd want in real life.For those who have been living under a log somewhere in the heart of the Congo, and are somehow unfamiliar with the game, I’d suggest you do a little googling to bring yourself up to speed.For those of us who are familiar with such complex modern concepts as wheels, fire, and pointy sticks, we’re all aware of how tame or how adventurous the To D spectrum can be.Instead, create your own atmosphere, by draping exotic fabrics around your room for a Middle Eastern feel or throwing mosquito netting for safari-esque sex.

[Read: 8 fun, flirty games for your naughty house party] #1 The humble kiss.You decide the rules depending upon the group dynamic. One person bends over minus underwear, and the other treats them to a sensual tonguing in the most netherly region they have. Mainly for very open-minded female players, in this last of the obscene group, all the male players are required to masturbate over her to conclusion, covering her with their fluids. [Read: 12 arousing sex fantasies to try in real life] Is Truth or Dare on your playtime menu?If so, don’t forget to throw in some of these naughty options for dares with a decidedly dirty twist.Then put the names of everyone into one bag, the names of just the women in another bag, and the names of just the men in a third bag.That way, when you choose someone to enact a dare, you can choose the appropriate gender.

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Well, unless your swinging proclivities go to same sex relations, of course!