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It is a tectonically active hotspot with frequent earthquakes and volcanic activity.

About 75 percent of the hotspot's land area is above 200 meters in altitude, reaching a maximum of 3,700 meters on Aoraki (Mount Cook).

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Other forests on North Island are dominated by angiosperms, while those in the southern portion of the island and on South Island are dominated by Gondwanan gymnosperms of the family Podocarpaceae and southern beeches ( As is true of the other fragments of Gondwanaland – Madagascar, Australia, and New Caledonia – New Zealand has remarkable levels of endemism among plants, birds, and reptiles. Nearly 1,900 of about 3,400 species of vascular plants are endemic.

Endemism also extends to the genus level; 35 plant genera are found nowhere else in the world.

Since the island's colonization by humans 700 years ago 50 bird species have gone extinct.

Today, invasive species pose the most serious threat to the flora and fauna of New Zealand's islands, but habitat destruction, through deforestation and wetland drainage, is also a key problem.

Interestingly, both endemic land mammals are species of bats.

cunninghamii constitutes the family Loxomataceae, whose closest relatives existed 60 million years ago.

The hotspot also has one endemic family, the Ixerbaceae, which is represented by a single species ().

Birds Nearly 200 bird species regularly occur in New Zealand, almost 90 of which (44 percent) are endemic.

Not surprisingly, five Endemic Bird Areas identified by Bird Life International occupy nearly the entire area of the country.

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