Objectives accomadating instruction for individual are dwyane wade and gabrielle union dating

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Objectives accomadating instruction for individual

Results feedback provided cues related to the final outcome of the problem.

Studies related to setting objectives emphasize the importance of supporting students as they self-select learning targets, self-monitor their progress, and self-assess their development (Glaser & Brunstein, 2007; Mooney, Ryan, Uhing, Reid, & Epstein, 2005).

In this chapter, we present classroom practices for setting objectives and providing feedback that reassure students that their teacher is focused on helping them succeed.

Setting objectives is the process of establishing a direction to guide learning (Pintrich & Schunk, 2002).

The studies related to feedback underscore the importance of providing feedback that is instructive, timely, referenced to the actual task, and focused on what is correct and what to do next (Hattie & Timperley, 2007; Shute, 2008).

They also address the use of attributional and metacognitive feedback.

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This clarity helps decrease anxiety about their ability to succeed.