Objectives for accomodating instruction for individuals

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Objectives for accomodating instruction for individuals

Learning through a visual medium may take longer and may be more mentally fatiguing for people who have low vision than for people who do not.

Still others see images with sections missing or blacked out.

Because a person does not use a wheelchair, have hearing aids, or use a cane does not mean that she does not have a disability. Auditory, visual, or tactile information can become jumbled at any point when it is transmitted, received, processed, and re-transmitted.

It may take longer for some people who have learning disabilities to process written information.

Some materials may need to be transferred to audiotape.

Since it may take weeks or even months to procure specific materials in Braille or on audiotape, it is essential that career counselors and employers select and prepare materials that are needed by a worker who is blind well before the materials are going to be used.

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Consider the example, "This organizational chart looks like an upside down tree." If one has never seen a tree, it may not be readily apparent that the structure of note has several lines which can be traced up to one central point.

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