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If you've never tried online dating before, maybe skip this book and enter it with an open mind.When the Mail’s Jan Moir wrote in her column recently about the perils men face when looking for love in their later years, it clearly struck a chord with readers.I’ve met everyone from a doctor who was far too busy for a relationship to a single mother who brought her seven- and nine-year-old children on our date and expected me to buy them all lunch. It had been very inconvenient for her to have to keep visiting him, she said. Let me tell you about a few of the dates I’ve had since going online — the first needed three seats to sit on (she’d only sent me a head-and-shoulders photo), the second time I swear the woman’s mother turned up instead of her (it might not even have been her mum — she was unrecognisable from the picture).To add insult to injury, when I texted to wish her well the next day, she replied: ‘I think you should find someone of your own social class.’Perhaps the worst was when I started seeing a woman who lived in the South of France. I’m a tall, fit man — I run and kayak — and never had much difficulty meeting women, but none seems normal. I always have lunch with them and go through the motions, but it doesn’t tend to lead to a second date.A week later, I found myself sitting in the student center waiting for him. Coincidentally he was right on my campus, so we decided to meet for dinner at our dining hall. Needless to say, this hasn’t changed when it comes to people and internet dating. I’m a firm believer that everyone should have options, but when the hell do you draw the line when it comes to dating?

I’ve learned that a woman is either ten years older than she tells you or ten stone heavier than her photograph. I just don’t know why they do it — I suppose they see online dating as a conveyor belt and there’ll be another one along in a minute.

I told him that instead of taking out the starting lineup of a WNBA team, then maybe he should have attempted to focus on the one woman. But what I learned was that juggling a bunch of men was exhausting and time consuming. Have a conversation that doesn’t include LOL, emoticons or a subscription.

Of course that would make too much sense and he looked at me like I was crazy. I’ve been in the situation where I wanted a gaggle of men. When you have the world of men and women at your fingertips, it’s sometimes hard to walk away from the all you can eat buffet.

I think part of the problem is that, as they get older, women are scared to go to places in the dark or on their own so it’s difficult to meet them.

They feel desperately lonely, but sit at home crying into a cup of tea instead of getting out there.

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I ended up fleeing as she cooked a meal, and tore off in my car.