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Browsing usernames like Khanye West, Pakiswagger, and Make Chai Not War, Ana says she was optimistic about meeting “someone that was more of a ‘modern/Americanized’ Muslim.”She immediately signed up and crafted a brutally honest profile meant to ward off men too conservative.“Not looking for someone more religious than I am (I fast, don't pray yet),” she writes.“If you think a woman belongs in the kitchen and shouldn't work or get an education then I am not interested.”Ana has refrained from telling her parents that she’s joined the site, fearing reprimand for dating.

When they know how difficult it is to find someone, and you come along with a solution that can make a difference in their life, I think it’s appreciated. In some Middle Eastern countries dating sites are blocked. Before I built this app I spoke to very trusted religious people close to me – imams. Just as long as it’s being used in a way that is not nefarious I think they will support it.The project was born when Sheereen Nourollahi, a 26-year-old Iranian-American, and Humaira Mubeen, a 24-year-old Pakistani-American, were discussing dating in an online forum for Muslim hipsters, or “Mipsterz.”“We fill in that space that maybe our community or mosques don’t.We’re giving them a space to come, maybe not for marriage, but at least to test the waters,” says Ms.Moreover, dating is frowned upon by her parents, who uphold the marriage norms of Palestinian society.There, customs are often marked by pragmatism rather than romance.

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“I made this [app] because we all live it.” Salaam Swipe officially went live in August, and the bulk of its “thousands” of members are in Canada and the U. It is available to download for free from the Apple App Store in the Middle East, with an official launch in this region in the pipeline over the next year, along with an Arabic-language version. One of the things I noticed about my community [in Canada] is that it’s much easier to meet someone outside of our community than inside it.