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Posted by / 26-Feb-2018 12:05

If you see any sort of progress indicator next to a game’s name, you can’t play it offline – ensure each game you want to play is fully downloaded and updated before going offline.

Launch each game you want to play offline at least once.

Some games require activation, and it might start downloading soon after the activation is over.

There are quite a few “gotchas” with Steam’s offline mode – it won’t work if Steam knows there’s an update available but hasn’t updated yet, it won’t work for games you haven’t launched while online, it won’t work if your account credentials aren’t saved, and it may not even work unless you enable it while online. First, log into Steam and ensure the check box is unchecked.

Next, go to your Library tab and ensure that each game you want to play offline is fully downloaded.

I don't get too much spare time to play games these days, but when I do I actually want to be able to play my games.

I have occasionally been playing Skyrim in STEAM offline mode, I made the mistake of opening up STEAM whilst I was connected to the internet and it started to update Skyrim.

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If you aren't familiar with backing it up, steam just saves an offline installer on your hard drive making it very convenient in your case.